Touch panel PCs connect IoT one panel at a time

Connecting the internet of things (IoT) one touch panel at a time, Aaeon has introduced the ACP-1000 series. The addition to the ACP panel PCs from Aaeon are powered by the Intel Apollo Lake processor.

Aaeon is a developer of Industry 4.0 computing products, and has announced the latest of its customisable touch panel PCs that will consolidate system integration, IoT and smart home applications. They can also be used to provide a more flexible option for product lifecycle management and smart factory processes, adds Aaeon.

The ACP panel PCs are the first of their kind on the current market that are powered by the ApolloLake. These multi-touch panel PCs support Linux, Windows 10 and Android systems. They are claimed to provide stunning visuals, mixed memory support and heightened efficiency output. The ACP-1000 is smaller than earlier models, 7.0-inch, compared with 10.1-inch. This scaling down of the form factor ensures that customisation is easier and less time consuming, says Aaeon, which lowers production costs drastically. In addition, the smaller design enables seamless deployment in smart homes and smart offices, whilst the industrial-grade product specifications facilitate maximum efficiency and output despite the reduction in size and form.

Much like Aaeon’s other panel PCs, the durable ACPs offers a thermal management system that boosts airflow and cool air circulation, along with a robust aluminum casing which protects the panel from external wear and tear. The IP65 front bezel design offers a layer of protection against environmental nuisances, such as dust mites and water. Flexible input/output (I/O) port support is provided to supplement maximum connectivity to outer devices, and to facilitate customisation that is easy and cost-effective, says Aaeon. The new design offers voltage protection against surge spikes and short circuits, and operates within 9.0 to 30V DC.

The small form factor lends the ACP-1000 to Industry 4.0 applications, from product line management to smart city power grids, and other forms of data-driven service management, believes Aaeon. It can be used for high electromagnetic interference (EMI) panel PC systems, kiosks, and smart factory human machine interfaces (HMIs). Electronic News – Latest News and Advice Electronic News is unlike any other website currently serving the electronics industry, with the very latest news for buyers and purchasers…
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