Omron launches D6T-1A-02 super-sensitive, non-contact temperature sensor

Based on proprietary micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) technology, the Omron D6T-1A-02 provides temperature measurement for industrial control, medical and building automation systems.

Omron Electronic Components has added the narrow field version, the D6T-1A-02 sensor, to its non-contact MEMS thermal sensor range. It is specifically designed to provide accurate non-contact measurements of an objects’ surface temperature and is designed for use in industrial control, medical and building automation systems.  The range of MEMS thermal sensors, including wider field versions can be used to detect room occupancy and similar applications.

The Omron D6T-1A-02 is a sensitive infra-red (IR) temperature sensor that uses Omron’s proprietary MEMS sensing technology. It can measure the surface temperature of an object between -40 to +80 degree C in the target area with an accuracy of ±1.5 degree C and a resolution of 0.06 degree C. The DT6-1A-02 includes a MEMS thermopile, a sensor application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and a signal processing microprocessor in a package that measures only 12.0 x 11.6 x 9.2mm. The D6T-1A-02 has a narrow field of view of 26.5 degrees square, allowing it to accurately assess the surface temperature of a specific object in this area. Features also include a digital I2C output for noise immunity (measured as noise equivalent temperature difference) of 140mK.

The Omron D6T thermal sensor can be used for building automation applications, measuring the temperature in a room, or detecting occupancy, even when people are stationary. For these applications, Omron offers versions with a wider field of view. These include a 1×1 device, the D6T-1A-01, with a field 58 degrees square. A 4×4 version and a 1×8 version are also available. These ultra-sensitive sensors are an alternative to pyroelectric sensors or PIR detectors in home automation, building automation, healthcare, security and industrial applications, says Omron, adding these often fail to distinguish between an unoccupied space and a stationary person.

Standard thermal sensors are only able to measure temperature at one contact point, the D6T range can measure the temperature of an entire area contactlessly. Signals generated by IR rays are extremely weak. To achieve reliable detection, Omron has developed and manufactured every part of the thermal sensor in-house, from the MEMS sensors to the ASICs and other application-specific parts.

The MEMS micro-mirror structure used is designed for efficient IR radiation detection and is combined with a high-performance silicon lens to focus the IR rays onto its thermopiles. The ASIC uses proprietary algorithms to make the necessary computations and convert sensor signals into digital I2C outputs. All components were developed in-house and are fabricated in Omron’s own MEMS facilities. Electronic News – Latest News and Advice Electronic News is unlike any other website currently serving the electronics industry, with the very latest news for buyers and purchasers…
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