Intersil claims ISL95338 is industry’s first USB-C buck-boost voltage regulator

The ISL95338, released by Intersil, a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics, replaces two converters, and enables USB PD3.0 bi-directional voltage regulation for tablets, ultra-books and power banks

It is, says Intersil, the industry’s first buck-boost voltage regulator for mobile devices that uses the reversible USB Type-C connector. The ISL95338 bi-directional voltage regulator accepts input power from a range of DC power sources,  namely AC/DC power adapters, USB power delivery (PD3.0) ports, travel adapters, power banks, and converts it to a regulated voltage up to 24V. The ISL95338 can also convert a range of DC power sources to a regulated 20V at its power adapter input. The ISL95338 supports the USB-C ecosystem with buck-mode, boost-mode, and buck-boost mode, and is flexible enough to use in any USB-C power management application.

The ISL95338 replaces two voltage converters currently used for bi-directional buck and boost modes to reduce the bill of materials (BoM) cost by 50 per cent, claims Intersil. It uses its patented R3 modulation technology to deliver acoustic noise-free operation, light-load efficiency and fast transient response.  R3 combines fixed-frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) and hysteretic PWM to extend battery life and maximise power efficiency. The ISL95338 is also USB 3.1-compliant and provides serial communication through SMBus/I2C, allowing designers to program several I/O current and voltage slew rate settings for customisation.

The ISL95338 is compliant to the USB PD3.0 standard and supports programmable power supply (PPS) fast charging with bi-directional 5.0 to 20V buck, boost or buck-boost modes. Multiple ISL95338 ICs can be combined with the ISL95521A combo battery charger, or ISL9238 buck-boost battery charger, to enable simultaneous multiport USB-C charging, adds Intersil. The ISL95338 can also be used with the R9A02G011 USB PD controller and RAJ240045 fuel gauge IC for USB-C power delivery.

Other features of the ISL95338 are input voltage range is 3.8V to 24V in forward mode, and output voltage up to 20V with no dead zone. It enables up to 1MHz switching frequency, and automatically reduces switching frequency with no audible acoustic noise when charger is in DCM mode.

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