Daily News today Monday 19th March, 2018 features the following:

Partnerships single out today’s news, with Cypress Semiconductor’s SoC providing wireless connectivity for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ IoT SBC and congatec supplying a SMARC CoM for the Luxoft automotive reference platform. Spectrum Instrumentation has added digitisers to its range to increase sampling rates, Harting adds a high density, multi-pole combination connector and Murata Power Solutions extends its embedded-core DC/DC offering. Finally, Silicon Labs’ clock buffers combine PCIe Gen 4 and low power design.

  • SiliconLabs_16-03-2018

Low-power PCI Express Gen 4 buffers simplify clock distribution

Buffers in the Si532xx family are the first to deliver PCIe Gen 4-compliant 1.5/1.8V applications, says Silicon Labs. The Gen 1/2/3/4 clock buffers provide low jitter clock distribution in […]

  • Cypress_16-03-2018

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bring wireless connectivity to Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ IoT SBC

Wireless connectivity is accessible to the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Internet of Things (IoT) single board computer (SBC), says Cypress Semiconductor, as it announces its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth […]

  • conga-16-03-2018

congatec supplies SMARC 2.0 for digital cockpit designs

congatec has partnered with Luxoft to offer a next-gen automotive platform with SMARC 2.0 Computer-on-Modules (CoMs). The conga-SA5 is the first, official, supported module for the Automotive Reference Platform […]

  • Murata_16-03-2018

1W regulated SMT DC/DC converter can be used in alternative energy

Expanding its range of embedded-core DC/DC converters, Murata Power Solutions adds the NXF1 series of regulated, high isolation converter with 3.3 or 5.0V outputs. Inputs available are nominal 3.3 […]

  • Spectrum_16-03-2018

Five models extend general purpose PCIe 16-bt digitiser cards

Spectrum Instrumentation has added five models to its general purpose M2p.59xx series of PCIe 16-bit digitiser cards. They extend the performance range by increasing the maximum sampling rate from […]

  • HARTING_16-03-2018

Multi-pole combination connector offers contact density

The Han K32/55 sets new standards in the miniaturisation of rectangular connectors, claims Harting. With a combination of 32 power and 55 signal contacts for use in size 10B housings, […]

  • STMicro_15-03-2018

FlightSense ToF sensor has auto power saving

Detection range of STMicroelectronics VL53L1X time of flight (ToF) sensor has been extended to four metres.

The VL53L1X sensor extends the detection range of ST’s FlightSense technology and brings […]

  • Farnell_15-03-2018

Farnell element14 launches Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ 

An upgrade to the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B has a more powerful CPU, offers faster Ethernet and dual-band wireless networking, says Farnell element14.

Claimed to be the fastest […]

  • Vicor_15-03-2018

Power-on-Package MCMs provide up to 1000A peak current

A Power-on-Package (PoP) ChiP-set announced by Vicor includes modular current multipliers (MCMs) for high performance GPU, CPU and ASIC (XPU) processors. The PoP MCMs multiply current and divide voltage […]

  • 3d render of modern

IMU integrates three-axis acceleration sensor and gyroscope for VR/AR

Realistic, immersive experience for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are provided by the inertial measurement unit (IMU) introduced by Bosch Sensortec at electronica China this week.

The […]

  • EM-Microelectronic_15-03-2018

RAINFC IC claims to be the world’s first EPC Gen2v2-certified product

NFC consumer interaction can be compatible RAIN RFID, or UHF RFID, infrastructure, says EM Microelectronic, announcing that its em|echo is the first product to achieve EPC Gen2v2 certification worldwide.

  • Flex_15-03-2018

Small DC/DC converter boasts highest power and efficiency

Able to deliver 200W and with efficiency of 95 per cent, claimed to be industry-leading efficiency, the PKU4213D is a replacement for one-eighth brick footprint converters in many applications, […]

  • ubo14

Compact industrial Bluetooth 5 module is smallest, claims u-blox

Designed for tough environments, the Anna-B1 is tailored to applications for the industrial IoT, says u-blox.

The Bluetooth 5 module is for industrial applications, and its compact design and industrial […]

  • Allegro_14-03-2018

Automotive sinusoidal sensorless BLDC fan driver IC is low noise option

Allegro MicroSystems Europe announces the automotive version of its A5932. The sensorless BLDC controller is a three-phase BLDC motor controller that is targeted at high-power automotive fan applications with […]

  • Chassis-plan_14-03-2018

Seven-inch tablet is rugged for industrial and military use

Able to meet the tough challenges of wet, harsh and dirty environments, Chassis Plans has released a tablet, the rugged MTB-7, specifically for use by mobile workers in harsh […]

  • Intelliconnect_14-03-2018

Solderless 2.9mm RF connectors offer faster assembly

RF and waterproof connectors and cable assembly manufacturer, Intelliconnect (Europe), introduces a range of cost-effective 2.9mm connectors providing solderless attachment to 0.085-inch (RG405) and 0.141-inch cables. System designers will […]

  • RS_Components_14-03-2018

Flush-mount pushbuttons create modern control panel designs

Harmony pushbuttons and buzzers from Schneider Electric are now available from RS Components. The distributor has announced availability of more than 150 new lines of flush-mount pushbuttons from the […]

  • Digi-Key_14-03-2018

Digi-Key stocks Qoitech’s power measurement tool

Power measurement software by Qoitech is available from Digi-Key Electronics, following the signing of a worldwide distribution agreement to distribute Otii, a power measurement tool with software.

Otii provides […]

  • Renesas_13-03-2018

Directly modulated laser diodes are for 4.9G and 5G LTE basestations

The RV2X6376A series of directly modulated laser (DML) diodes has been released by Renesas Electronics. They enable high-speed optical communications and stable operation in harsh environments for mobile and […]

  • ON-Semi_13-03-2018

ON Semiconductor offers automotive-grade version of CMOS image sensor

An AEC-Q100-qualified version of ON Semiconductor’s 2.1Mpixel CMOS image sensor, the AR0237, has been released. It is aimed at the OEM-fitted dashboard cameras (dash cams) or before-market in-car DVR market.